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Who we serve

At Model Property Brands we serve the Real Estate industry with over 20 years of experience, assisting Homeowners, Realtors, Investors and Short-Term Rental operators. We specialize in providing custom property solutions, quality client care, seamless processes, and a safety-first approach. Our teams are led by talented Designers, Project Managers, Logistics Coordinators, and Client Care professionals who are all ready to serve you!

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Model My Home

Home Staging Services

Every Concierge and Home Staging project begins with a Property Assessment. It can be accomplished by phone call, viewing the property online, through photos and video, or by walking the property in person. No matter what level of consultation is needed, our team will ensure we fully understand the space to provide a detailed report of recommended next steps to position the property for success.

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"Every property deserves to look like a Model."
- Jana Uselton, Owner & Founder

Through our Concierge offering, our team can quickly assess a property and identify the potential to increase value and build equity for maximum return. Whether this is through updates in flooring, paint, lighting, fixtures, etc., our goal is to position properties to appraise for higher and sell for more. Our team of professionals are available to manage and oversee it all, down to the professional photography and landscape refresh.

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Model My Properties

Design Services

Our designs blend classic influences with modern appeal for a decidedly approachable yet sophisticated American style. We love spaces that feel put together, yet livable – that can stand the test of time. We believe your space should be a welcoming oasis –a place to retreat, to gather and work well every day.


"We want you to walk into your freshly designed space and feel instantly at ease."
- Lori Carlisle, President

Our team of organized Designers conceptualize beautiful spaces, but also have the project management skills ready to communicate those ideas. From warehousing inventory, directing tradespeople and our logistics team to stuffing the pillows, our experienced Design team makes sure all the pieces of your project are pulled together.

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Model My Stay

Short-Term Rental Set-Up

Since completing our first Short-Term Rental set-up, we haven’t looked back. Whether your property is a single-family home, a lake house, high-rise apartment or
something in between, we position your property to receive the maximum average daily rate.

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"Every Model My Stay creates the ideal guest experience."
- Jana Uselton, Owner & Founder

After settling on the perfect occupancy, our team will build the design plans, coordinate ideal furnishings through our wholesale vendors, and merchandise the property to maximize use of space with your guests’ best experience top of mind. From stylish selections to stocking kitchens and baths, our team takes care of it all.


Tell Us About Your Project

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