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Are you making it official?

One thing this pandemic has taught me is that working from home can truly make you more productive. For those of you who are thinking about making it official to work from home, you need to know how to keep your home office clean, inspiring, and organized.

Maintaining a clean and organized office area in your home is the first step to staying productive and efficient. Constantly rearranging your beautiful dining table decor every time you need space to work is not the most productive or efficient way to begin your day. So, first things first, choose one central location to work. If you are a victim of the "jitters" and need to get up and move occasionally, that is fine, however it is still a good idea to have a desk area set up as your "go to" for work.

So how do you know where to set up shop? Let’s answer a few questions to get started. First, how much “stuff” do you need every day? Are your main pieces your laptop/computer, pen and paper, chargers, etc.? Put everything else away. Create your plan of attack! Take these steps day by day, or one hour at a time if you have to, depending on how much you have.

How much random paper with little scribbled notes do you have cluttering your space? Make the decision right now to go through it all and throw out what you really don’t need. Create two piles: one for important things and one for the recycle bin. File what you decide to keep the same day. Be warned that this is probably going to be the most hated part, but it is the most important.

Now that your important documents are filed away, let’s move on to your non-paper items. Pull out every item that you have in your desk or lying around on your desk. Put like items together. How many pens do you have? How many staplers do you have? How many loose paperclips do you have? You get the idea. Now, do you really need that many? Are you really going to staple something with a different stapler every time? Yeah, you know what's coming next… Pick your favorite one and give the others away.

Grab some cool organizers. You can watch some DIY videos, order from Amazon or make a quick run to Target. It’s totally up to you but think outside the typical file box. Try to add some pizzazz with fun storage bins and labels, or floating shelves to show off your cute office decor and supplies. Trust me, having a designated spot for every item will enable you to function so much better and more peacefully knowing that

there is a home for everything.

Once you have done all of the above, it probably will be quite a mess. So, it’s time to clean up! Get out the vacuum, wipe down surfaces, dust off the monitor, clean off the keyboard, light a great smelling candle. Make it spick and span, squeaky clean and smelling wonderful!

Who’s ready for the fun part? I am talking decor, personal touches, and comfy spaces to move to when your “go to” is getting boring. Check Amazon for some amazing

office decor pieces. Make your way to your favorite store: Hobby Lobby, Target, Tuesday Morning, etc. Pick up some new inspiring art to spice up your space. If you are using a dining chair as a desk chair, swap that baby out! I can promise you a dining chair is not comfortable for an 8 hour day. Lastly, if you have a whole room to yourself, think about adding a comfy loveseat or cute accent chair that you can move to if you are the kind of person, like me, that can’t just stay in one spot.

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