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When we sleep our brains go through a marvelous process that can be likened to archiving emails to clean up an Inbox or compressing data into zipped files to free up storage.

This incredible action is basically like putting all the files on your desk in the correct drawers and closing the drawers. It substantially reduces stress and frees your mind to think in the present moments. Some of your clients have homes where every surface is covered, they can’t find the inspector’s report you requested—“it’s around here somewhere” they say. You can feel the anxiety pouring off of them as they wring their hands. Many do not know any other way to live and certainly do not know how to even get the process started in preparing their homes to sell. They need you to step in with clear direction and encouragement so they are correctly prepared to place their home in the best selling position when it goes live. So, what does this look like? Please take a moment to read the Model My Home Pre-Staging Checklist – all Top Producing real estate agents should have this for their sellers. Following these steps will ensure that the Professional Homes Staging Associates are able to make the best use of their time in your home. The simplest tool is a Professional Home Staging Touch-up. This is a room by room service that quickly places your client’s occupied home in the best possible selling position. Model My Home shares our Pre-Staging Checklist with our clients prior to a 2- or 4-Hour Touch Up. These steps ensure the Professional Home Staging Experts make the best use of their time. Typically in a Touch Up, two Professional Home Staging Experts review the home and stage key areas with the homeowner’s furniture, art, and accessories. During this process they perform a professional de-cluttering, depersonalization, repositioning, and preparation of the home to attract the right buyer. The transformation is incredible and often leaves clients speechless. They “had no idea it could look like this,” is the top comment. Another benefit of a simple Touch Up is the low cost and quick turn around. Many Realtors include a 2- or 4-Hour Touch Up with every listing because they see it’s effectiveness. There are Professional Home Staging companies, like Model My Home, that provide an additional service after a Home Staging Consultation that marries staging items with the seller’s items to create a cohesive and attractive result for home buyers. During the Consultation, one of our Professional Staging Experts walks the property with the home seller and Realtor™, compares the home to market standards, and provides a detailed report of recommendations with 48 business hours. Occupied Staging is another valuable tool for your Real Estate tool box. Decluttering, cleaning, and letting go of the things that do not add value to their lives are examples of cleaning up their Inbox. When you enlist the expertise of Professional Home Stagers you add a star player to your winning team as you fight for your clients win–a SOLD home. You are the Hero who utilized all of your resources that reduced their anxiety, provided them with another perspective, and led them to a sale! Well done! Need a Quote on a Professional Home Stage just Click Here! There’s Good News, we can help!

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