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Do you need to declutter?

There is a move of minimalism circling the globe. People from every walk of life are feeling a pull to minimize the “stuff” and focus more on the “life”. In this pursuit to simplicity, a person must take stock of the clutter pile. The mess can spill from the shelves, closets, and countertops; but it also exists in our minds and hearts.

What are you carrying around today that needs to be discarded? What limiting belief, past experience, or fear follows you from one moment to the next? Life has a way of attaching itself to us, and we often carry the most harmful things from one season to the next.

Here is a newsflash - you cannot move from one phase of life to the next successfully if you are dragging a boatload of clutter with you. As the quote stated above clutter is a useless friend. It is not something that helps us, rather it is something that holds us back from achieving our highest and best.

It is friendly because it is comfortable. It often fits us like an old shoe. But shoes wear out - and once they are full of holes and the sole is worn down, the support is gone. Those old ideals and methods cannot support the new things you need to be doing, and the ceiling you should be breaking.

Take steps to declutter today, for a more fulfilling tomorrow!

  1. Take stock - make a physical list of any limiting beliefs you are carrying. Think of all the “I can’ts” you may tell yourself on a daily basis, and turn those into “I can’s”!

  2. Take a walk - even just a few moments in the fresh air can give you a whole new perspective. Look around you and really breathe in the sights, sounds, and smells of life - letting it invigorate and stimulate creativity and freshness in your spirit.

  3. Make a friend - have you gotten stale in your circle of influence? Perhaps it is time to branch out and expand your network. Focus on areas where you are looking to grow in your business and personal life.

  4. Be honest - ask yourself the hard questions. Don’t be afraid to confront the things you have hidden away, you can only come away stronger once you have filtered that negative clutter out and received fresh perspective.

Bottom line, get out there and LIVE a little! You cannot do this bound up in shackles of stuff - mental, physical, or spiritual. There is life, and life more abundantly, as stated in John chapter 10, verse 10. The only kind of life to live is your best life, so get busy and happy decluttering!

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