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Summer is FINALLY here!

Sellers, Realtors, Agents and Investors, as you sell your client’s homes or your investment properties during these next few hot months here are a few tips to get your home ready for the market. Indoor: Is the HVAC in working order–potential buyer’s do not want to be hot while touring the property.Test the smoke detectors, replace the batteries so your potential buyers are scared away by the wonderfully loud screeching.Hire an excellent cleaning crew…and don’t forget the baseboards.Have the chimney and fireplace cleaned by a professional–it’s wise to avoid possible fire hazards.Clean out all the bathroom drains and update the shower heads.Check the attic and basement for any problems that could impact the sale.Don’t forget to clean vents and change air filters so there are no lingering stale odors.

Outdoor: Power wash the house and sidewalks…and don’t forget the deck in the backyard.Is the deck in good repair, clean, sealed, and protected?Clean or if necessary replace windows and screens.Verify your home is critter proof – your clients are not going to want surprise guests during their tour.Give the home some “curb appeal” – mow, edge, a few flowers, and be sure they can see the house number. Keep in mind the outside or “curb appeal” is equally important as the inside of every property.Clean the gutters–this also helps to avoid back up and flooding if it rains for several daysHow are the roof and fence? Are they in good condition?Is there a pool? Is it clean? This list is very different from many you may have seen, but it is our experience these items are often overlooked. Have you ever toured a home while the smoke alarm kept loudly beeping? It is very distracting and makes it difficult to “see” the good points of the home. What about walking through a closed up home with no working A/C in the heat of a Texas summer? You don’t want to be there and your potential buyers don’t either. We realize these are not necessarily the “pretty” parts of selling a home but they are crucial. Avoiding the little things that stimmy a sale just takes a little vision and planning. Happy Planning! Need a Quote on a Professional Home Stage just Click Here! There’s Good News, we can help!

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