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The Importance of Stable Leadership

We are living in chaotic times to be sure.

What we thought was unprecedented in 2020 has become normal in 2021. There is a lack of leadership and stability at all levels of humanity - in the marketplace, in the government, in the classroom, and in the church. There is a principle in Scripture that states people will “perish” for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Of course, you want to consider the context of a verse from Scripture to gain a full understanding, but this thought seems fairly accurate for today.

If a person does not have a solid vision, wisdom, and strong leadership their zeal and focus will fade. Efforts begin to perish, and if it goes too far, their physical and mental health can be affected as well.

Are you in a position of leadership?

Before you say no, let me stop and ask you again...are you in a position of leadership?

You may not be a CEO or the leader of a large (or even small) business.

But are you a parent? Are you a friend? Are you a spouse? Are you a member of your community?

If you are alive and breathing...chances are you are leading someone.

It would stand to reason we need to ensure we possess strong leadership skills translating from the marketplace to the living room. How do we gain this knowledge? We invest in ourselves; by reading about and studying the lives of leaders who are influential and inspirational to us.

Who motivates you to excel? Who do you admire as a strong leader? Seek to emulate (but not to copy) the expression of strength in their lives.

To help get you started, listed below are “6 L’s of Leadership” from our own fearless leader, Jana Uselton:


Leaders look outside themselves to others in the industry or outside their Industries as role models who are accomplishing more and have new ways of thinking about business. They understand they can only give what they have. They resource from others who are further along and can Empower them to be great. They are constant learners and evolvers. They also constantly share with their team what they are learning and their real-life struggles to create true relationships. They are never satisfied with the norm and are always looking to others who are speaking life, leadership, and love into them so they can turn around and give it to those they are entrusted to lead.


Leaders truly care for those they are leading. They make sure that they take time to look them in the eye, stop, and hear what they are saying. This develops a trust and a bond that becomes the example for them to live out with others.


They take time to have one-on-one meetings and growth sessions, so they can hear and understand each position and the person behind the positions in their organizations. They listen intently during meetings not only to what is said, but to see the hearts and attitudes of those who are sharing their thoughts and ideas. They're always looking for the words behind the words so they can correctly assess any challenges or situations that may arise, and quickly deal with them. They are not afraid of confrontation but are assertive in problem-solving which results in continuous improvement.


Leaders enjoy spending time with those that they are leading. They make sure that they have a light-hearted attitude when it comes to connecting on a personal level. It shows they are human and can have fun during the journey. They understand laughter adds a priceless element to the company culture and helps people enjoy what they do and who they do it with, daily.


Leaders lift up those who are supporting them and the company vision. It is ironic to think, but leaders serve those who are around them by empowering and encouraging them to become better. When they see a need, they quickly respond, so others begin to copy the same behavior. Leaders create a culture of positive encouragement and lift those who are the ideal role models for their business.


Leaders don't give up. They run the marathon, not just the daily sprint. They are also aware when it's time to take breaks and retreat into their quiet personal space to recharge. They trust and empower their team, so everything doesn't fall on their shoulders. They have longevity in the race and make sure that they always have a positive, upbeat attitude no matter what the challenge. They're level-headed, assertive, and confident in their decision-making. This makes them a leader that lasts.

We hope to be a light and a source of encouragement and information as you seek to become a stronger and more capable leader. We believe you can accomplish greatness and lead others to do the same!

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