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Dad, do you love DIY projects?

It is a great opportunity to work one on one with your children. Teach them a few things and spend quality time together. The sky is the limit, but we suggest you start small.

1. Want an excellent return on your home investment? Change out your flooring. If you

have carpet, consider trying solid surface flooring from hardwoods to porcelain to travertine.

2. An updated Kitchen is one of the best ways to improve and add value to your home. New appliances, countertops, backsplash, sink, and flooring will completely transform your space. There are a plethora of Youtube Videos that can walk you through each update.

3. Switch out your old lighting figures with stunning new ones. Do a little research on the many types of light bulbs. Each one puts off a different color tone and you want the right one for your home. You’ll be amazed at how lighting can really change a room without having to break the bank.

4. It’s time for new paint. It is one of the simplest ways to update your property. We recommend staying neutral in the overall look of your home. It gives you a wonderful palette with which to begin.

5. As you look around you see quite a few “lost” items that need a place to live. It may be time to build a shelf for all those items that do not have a home. There are floating shelves, freestanding shelves, and a myriad of other creative alternatives. Google it – better yet Model My Home Living has beautiful shelving and furniture!

6. Don’t overlook your home’s electrical system. Having an updated and safe electrical system is crucial. There are some many Smart Systems that will increase your family’s security as well as lower your electric bill.

7. A simple Refresh – sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. New knobs on your cabinets, new face plates on your outlets, replace your window panels, re-grouting, updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures, adding plants, and artwork are a few inexpensive ways to refresh your space.

Be intentional and carve out the time for these DIY projects. Not only will you build a stronger and deeper relationship with your children as you teach them and learn together you will also add tremendous value to your home whether you decide to stay or sell. Happy Father’s Day!

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